Prophet Products


Prophet is a leading enterprise-wide actuarial modelling system that helps insurance and financial services companies meet reporting responsibilities, improve risk management, and develop more profitable products faster. Prophet uses customizable actuarial libraries for all major product types, including regional variations.  It provides the transparency, performance and control required by today's actuaries and risk managers through integrated financial modelling and data management capabilities.  Over 9,000 users, across more than 730 customer sites, in more than 65 countries, rely on Prophet to model their firm's financial business.

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Prophet Professional

Prophet Professional is an integrated suite of actuarial systems used primarily by insurance companies to perform actuarial calculations including profit testing, projections, reserving, asset liability modelling, stochastic modelling and risk management.

Prophet Enterprise

Prophet Enterprise is the next generation Risk Management Platform for insurers, combining advanced actuarial modelling with a powerful production platform which brings control, auditability and efficiency to your reporting cycles.

Prophet Libraries

As the most important objects in the workspace, Prophet libraries hold the variables, actuarial definitions and formulas which define the calculations you need to make. These libraries give you rapid and consistent implementation across your business.

Prophet Data Management Platform

The Prophet Data Management Platform is a suite of tools designed to provide a control framework for data integration, automation and reporting around the core Prophet applications.

Prophet Results Database Module

The Prophet Results Database Module loads your Prophet results into a Microsoft SQL Server database.


Glean is an experience analysis and data mining tool which is part of iWorks Prophet’s actuarial modelling solution. It provides the capability to analyse and interpret a wide range of experience data based on user-defined risk factors. Glean can be used in any situation where past experience needs to be analysed.

Prophet Table Manager

Prophet Table Manager is a module to Prophet Enterprise that adds new levels of control and flexibility to Prophet Enterprise by clearly separating the input data and assumptions from the models. Using the enhanced job definition structures, models can be run repeatedly using different data sets, or the same data set can be used across multiple models.