Prophet Solutions

Whether you base your models on our supplied libraries or code, or you build them entirely yourself, the power and flexibility of iWorks Prophet enables you to solve many varied business needs. iWorks Prophet's strengths in control and audit functionality make it a valuable part of many business-critical operations.

The Solutions section describes some of the key areas where Prophet can be used. Countless other possibilities exist, and we'd be keen to talk to you about new opportunities.



Looking forward to global insurance accounting developments

Solvency II 

Helping you meet the challenges brought by the new regulations

Life insurance specialities 

Accommodating new and innovative demands

General / P&C Insurance

Expanding Prophet into the non-life insurance industry

Advanced Modelling

Nested Structures allows actuaries to connect together their actuarial models to respond to the demands of both regulatory reporting and internal risk assessments

Proxy Fitting 

Rapid results with replicating portfolios and curve fitting techniques

Enterprise Risk Data Management

The control, auditability, resilience and power you need

Prophet Cloud Services

An optimized, managed environment for efficiency and performance


Demonstrate your capabilities via our official accreditation program

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