2022 Q4 GI Reserving Interface

Find out about the brand new GI Reserving Interface and other GI updates

2022 Q4 GI Reserving Interface

The 2022 Q4 GI Reserving Interface is available now.


We have released the new 2022 Q4 GI Reserving Interface. This is a platform re-write of the GI Reserving Interface introducing significant improved performance and functionality alongside further additions to the existing control and auditability. Visualisations have also been taken to the next level with the latest graphing tools and full multi-window support using snapshots and undocked tiles. It still retains full out of the box functionality, but we have made it easier to configure the exact process you need and for it to perform the exact calculations you want.

The new GI Reserving Interface is supported by updates to the reserving library. The capital modelling library is also updated to further rationalise IFRS 17 calculations with the Prophet IFRS 17 Toolkit and to provide a daily UPR calculation option.

For more information, please see the GI Reserving Interface Product Sheet.

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