Insurance Risk Suite Libraries

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Insurance Risk Suite (formerly Prophet) incorporates a number of actuarial libraries which hold the variables, actuarial definitions and formulas which define the calculations you need to make. 

Prophet provides a fast, friendly and flexible solution for actuaries involved in general insurance, life insurance, permanent health insurance and insured pension products. The Insurance Risk Suite makes it easy for you to extend your models to meet changing requirements in the future.

Our General Insurance Libraries

Insurance Risk Suite GI represents expansion of the Insurance Risk Suite platform from its origins in life insurance modelling to include fully stochastic general insurance capital modelling and reserving applications. These make use of the Insurance Risk Suite's calculation engine and open, transparent approach, providing efficient, timely, understandable and customizable results tailored to each business.

Our Risk Management Libraries

Our Life and Health Liability Libraries

The main features generally provided by the Insurance Risk Suite’s life and health liability libraries are set out here and in the Liability Libraries datasheet. Other library datasheets explain the additional specific features that the individual libraries provide.

Our Life and Annuity Libraries

Our Health Liability Libraries