Assumptions Manager

Corporate 049

Prophet Assumptions Manager helps companies simplify and more effectively control the assumptions management process that feed critical values into Prophet. Built for both Prophet Professional and Prophet Enterprise, it provides an enterprise-level environment where users can manage and control the tables and assumptions within a Prophet run in a fully controlled and auditable environment.


By allowing actuaries to work directly with the assumptions, you can achieve:

  • Enhanced control, governance and auditability; key to Solvency II and IFRS 17
  • Assumptions are entered by the actuaries, not the modellers
  • Working with assumptions, not model tables reduces risks of errors and omissions
  • Entry and approval roles ensure only confirmed inputs can be used
  • Removes the operational risks in performing stress testing and analysing change
  • Integrates with existing assumption-calculation spreadsheets and workflow tools
  • Usable with Prophet Professional or Prophet Enterprise

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