AmMetLife Takaful


Why AmMetLife Takaful Chose Our IFRS 17 Solution

As a leading provider of modern takaful solutions in Malaysia, AmMetLife Takaful was keen to beat the IFRS 17 deadline with a fast, low-risk solution for compliance.

FIS’ extensive experience of implementing IFRS 17 made our Prophet actuarial and risk management system the ideal choice. As well as being flexible and scalable enough to report at the right level of detail, Prophet provides a proven end-to-end solution for producing disclosures – complete with tight control over data and an integrated IFRS 17 subledger.

“We are delighted to benefit from FIS’ global expertise in leading IFRS 17 projects,” said Pathmanathan Perumal, Financial Controller, AmMetLife Takaful. “With Prophet, we can greatly augment our risk management framework for compliance, while reducing project risk, potential errors and our operational burden.”

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