Waseda University and Deloitte Japan

Waseda Uni

Together, Waseda University (Waseda), Deloitte Japan and FIS® will equip Japan’s next generation of actuaries with the practical skills they need for modelling and projection in their future careers.

Waseda, one of the best-known universities in Japan, is internationally recognized for its world-class research and distinguished teaching. Since 2019, Waseda’s Graduate School of Accountancy had run an actuarial program to meet the demands of the flourishing insurance industry in Japan and Asia-Pacific.

Now, FIS has joined forces with Waseda and Deloitte Japan to develop actuarial talent in Japan, assisted by our award-winning modelling solution, FIS Insurance Risk Suite (formerly Prophet).

Insurance Risk Suite is used by the majority of the top life insurance companies in the world for actuarial modelling. And the solution will soon play a major role in educating Waseda’s students, with the training provided by Deloitte Japan, one of Japan’s leading consulting firms.

With Insurance Risk Suite, the students will learn how to solve real-world business problems with actuarial software. And ultimately, their new-found skills will help them make a more immediate impact on risk management when they join the insurance industry.

For more information, please contact us at getinfo@fisglobal.com

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