2022 Q2 Library Updates

Find out about the exciting new updates to the ALS library for solvency modernization and climate scenario modelling, as well as developments in the IFRS 17 calculations and toolkit.

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Prophet 2022 Q1

Find out about the exciting new updates on the model development, enterprise, data and process management applications.

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The Insurance Risk Suite Roadmap

Find out about upcoming developments of Insurance Risk Suite products.

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Latest News

Prophet 2021 Q2 Service Pack 3 is now available

We have provided a Service Pack update to Prophet 2021 Q3 for Prophet Professional and Prophet Enterprise that will help many clients.

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IFRS 17 solution of the year

FIS wins the best IFRS 17 solution of the year in recognition of the FIS® Insurance Risk Suite (formerly Prophet)

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Prophet becomes FIS Insurance Risk Suite

FIS Capital Markets has rebranded its products and solutions to be more identifiable, intuitive, meaningful and simple.

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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (formerly Prophet QA) is a test case management and quality assurance tool designed specifically for use with FIS Model Developer (formerly Prophet Professional) models.


Process Manager

The Process Manager (formerly Prophet Control Centre) is a highly configurable end-to-end process automation tool, allowing customers to define their business processes diagrammatically, including user interactions with the end users, and convert those diagrams into running instances of the processes.Process Manager is specifically designed to control


Assumptions Manager

Assumptions Manager helps companies simplify and more effectively control the assumptions management process that feed critical values into the Insurance Risk Suite (formerly Prophet).


Insurance Risk Suite - GI Edition

Insurance Risk Suite – GI Edition (formerly Prophet GI) is FIS' risk modelling solution for general/P&C insurers, consisting of capital modelling and reserving applications.


Data Conversion System

Data Conversion System Before any modelling process is run, the necessary data, in the form of tables or model point files, must be collected and formatted.


Flexible Results API and SQL Connector

The Flexible Results API provides the ability to query results when using the Flexible Results module.


Experience and Rating Manager

Experience and Rating Manager (formerly Glean)Self-Assessment regimes like Solvency II in Europe, and the US ORSA place a lot of emphasis on experience analysis as a tool to both generate and validate assumptions.


Insurance Risk Suite Libraries

Insurance Risk Suite (formerly Prophet) incorporates a number of actuarial libraries which hold the variables, actuarial definitions and formulas which define the calculations you need to make.


Enterprise Manager

Enterprise Manager (formerly Prophet Enterprise) is the next-generation Risk Management Platform for insurers, combining advanced actuarial modelling with a powerful production platform.Volatile financial markets and changes to solvency regulations are driving the need within insurance companies for robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems. Increasingly more complex actuarial modelling techniques are at the forefront of the response.


Model Developer

Model Developer (formerly Prophet Professional) is an integrated suite of actuarial systems used primarily by insurance companies to perform actuarial calculations including profit testing, projections, reserving, asset liability modelling, stochastic modelling and risk management.

IFRS reporting

The International Accounting Standards Board's (IASB) new accounting standard represents a significant step forward in reporting for insurance contracts and will require changes to existing systems and processes.

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Flexible, transparent technology versus a precise, controlled black box.

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Advanced Modelling

Under the latest risk-based reporting regulations, companies are required to perform multiple interacting projections to meet their regulatory requirements.

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Proxy Fitting

The rise of risk-based solvency regimes has prompted insurers to look for actuarial modelling solutions that are capable of being recalculated a large number of times in order to examine the impact of stressing particular assumptions or investigating a range of scenarios.

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Enterprise Risk Data Management

Regulators and insurers’ own management are constantly demanding more information on risk and how it is being managed.

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Managed Cloud Services

Insurers are facing increasing pressure to maximize the value they can extract from their actuarial models.

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