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The Helpdesk email is now  Our current ticketing portal is available at If you need assistance in accessing the ticket portal or have any questions, please contact the Helpdesk by telephone or email.

The Helpdesk provides troubleshooting assistance to customers who experience problems with the Prophet suite of applications. 

  • We provide support to customers experiencing issues with the applications that are either technical or actuarial in nature, in relation to the licensed application(s). 
  • Generally this extends to basic troubleshooting, installation assistance for the CLS (client license server), licensing questions and error messaging queries. 
  • We work to identify the causes of issues that are related to software defects; we also support where guidance on the functionality is required in order to improve the overall user experience. 
  • In practice we handle a variety of topics including error diagnostics, general information requests, usage tips and how to’s. 

Support is provided to customers on supported versions of the application(s) and supported operating system environments. 

(Please see our Supported Compilers, Supported Infrastructure, Supported Versions and System Compatibility pages for further information. You will need to have used your registration token to see these pages. If you haven't registered, please register here first.)

Standard support ceases and becomes chargeable in situations where

  • Actuarial advice is required, or particular model coding advice / model development, is sought. The Helpdesk team supports to the application and its standard libraries, but are not able to advise a customer in the best practices for their modelling, modelling approach or product design. 
  • Technical intervention is required relating to issues with a customer IT environment which is impacting the Prophet application, rather than the application itself being the root cause of the issue.
  • The Helpdesk does not provide benchmarking tests across application versions, regression tests, support for performance issues, model optimisation, coding advice or training.

Situations beyond standard support are often available through our consultancy offerings. Additionally, while we do support Prophet within different environments, our standard support does not extend to virtual environment performance, licensing or burst into cloud.  Environmental or infrastructure related issues are supported by our technical consultants through chargeable engagements.

Some Helpdesk cases are identifiable as chargeable from the time logged and automatically passed back to the customer with a consulting recommendation, others take longer to investigate before it is possible to determine the cause and recommend next steps.

We endeavour to provide resolutions/recommendations/workarounds for most issues, but for those better suited to consulting we will aim to identify the specific problem area before we pass the case to a chargeable team.

The Helpdesk is managed in a tiered model and staffed globally.  Tier 1 takes care of initial triage, information gathering and simpler queries.  Tier 2 and 3 provide more domain expertise and primarily work on tickets that are more complex.  It is not uncommon for several people to work on one ticket.

The Helpdesk team consists of a mixture of technical and product specialists, with some tier 3 support provided by those with an actuarial background of various levels of qualification.  We provide an application Helpdesk, thus there is a mixture of skills and application expertise.  As our support is based around the Prophet suite of applications, we address questions that require an actuarial and technical understanding of Prophet and its uses, but we do not offer actuarial advice or consultancy.

We provide a variety of help and support documents on this website.

When you contact us for help with a problem, the following information will help us quickly understand and diagnose your problem:

  • The version and update of Prophet that you are using
  • The operating system that you are using
  • If relevant, the versions of 3rd party software you are using (e.g. Excel)
  • Precise details of the problem you are experiencing, including screenshots/details of error messages
  • The scope of the problem: for example, does it affect all users or all workspaces
  • Details of any attempts you have made to investigate or resolve the problem 
  • Any additional information that may help us diagnose or resolve your problem (e.g. run logs).

We kindly remind clients that they should refrain from sending any personal [i.e., policyholder] information to the Helpdesk or that they obfuscate personal information from the data.  If there are any concerns, please contact your local support representative.


To contact us by email:

If you are an existing customer, please enter a ticket in ServiceNOW (SNOW)

If you are not a customer or are having trouble accessing SNOW, please email us at the following address:


To contact us by telephone:

For urgent issues, please call one of the following numbers: International +44 (0) 1932 757555 or US:414 577 9461