Enterprise Manager

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Enterprise Manager (formerly Prophet Enterprise) is the next-generation Risk Management Platform for insurers, combining advanced actuarial modelling with a powerful production platform.

Volatile financial markets and changes to solvency regulations are driving the need within insurance companies for robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) systems. Increasingly more complex actuarial modelling techniques are at the forefront of the response. Many risk managers are now building models that look at risk across the entire enterprise and encompass the entire corporate structure across geographic regions as well as product groupings. As these sophisticated initiatives take shape, it has become essential that a comprehensive risk management technology platform plays a crucial role in the overall strategy.

At the heart of an effective risk management platform, insurers must have sound strategies for modelling, categorising, quantifying, and analysing the full range of risks.  Such platforms must build models that support the whole enterprise, as well as automate and facilitate complex run-time processes.

Enterprise Manager is a production environment that utilises best of breed technology in order to rapidly and efficiently execute models built in Model Developer (formerly Prophet Professional). Whether on-premise or in the cloud, through grid computing clusters, Enterprise Manager maximises processing power resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity. The automation of these tasks frees up staff and processors to focus on critical activities.

Key Features:

  • Fully automated process for job scheduling
  • Optional multi-threaded, 64 bit processing
  • Multiple job-distribution options, including by nested simulations
  • Multi-user management
  • Efficient use of processing power
  • Scalable without the need for a third-party grid
  • Enterprise-level reporting
  • Sound development practices
  • Fully audited process available through add-on component
  • Security module available through add-on component
  • HPC module available through add-on component

To find out more about Enterprise Manager, click here for the datasheet.

Mark Stamper, Regional Chief Risk Officer and Chief Life Actuary of AXA Asia, shares his insights into how Enterprise Manager helps the firm manage its ambitious growth objectives and increasingly sophisticated reporting requirements.  Click here for the case study and more details.