Corporate 129

FIS Insurance Risk Suite comes with standard US GAAP functionality, both for seriatim FAS60 calculations and cohort-level FAS97 calculations, and offers a number of additional features.  These include:

GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements

Insurance Risk Suite provides functionality around the new US GAAP Long Duration Targeted Improvements including cohort level Benefit Reserves and DPL as well as cohort and seriatim level DAC, Sales Inducement Assets, and Unearned Revenue Reserves. Read more on our GAAP LDTI micro-site.

Embedded derivatives

Insurance Risk Suite’s out-of-the-box functionality supports FAS133 embedded derivative calculations for variable annuities with riders and fixed-indexed annuity products – allowing users to hit the ground running with minimal configuration. Learn more about our actuarial libraries

SOP 03-1 reserves

Insurance Risk Suite supports SOP 03-1 for variable annuities with riders, out of the box, as well as universal life with secondary guarantees. It also calculates SOP 03-1 cash flows at the seriatim level, as well as aggregates these cash flows into user-defined cohorts to calculate cohort-level SOP 03-1 reserves. Learn more about our actuarial libraries.

GAAP projections

Get a clear picture of how your company will fare under a variety of economic or non-economic conditions. Using Nested Structures, you can project future GAAP balances such as DAC and UREV, SOP 03-1 and FAS 133 reserves, under any variety of potential scenarios, as well as the future unlocking (both retrospective and prospective) impacts in the projection. Learn more about our Nested Structures functionality.

Asset liability modeling

Because US GAAP is incorporated into Insurance Risk Suite's asset modeling, you can calculate and project full GAAP balance sheets, including the accounting standards and impacts associated with classifying assets at trading, AFS or held-to-maturity. Insurance Risk Suite also lets you calculate future crediting rates based on the asset earned rate for interest-sensitive products. Learn more about our ALM capabilities.

Market Insights


Flexible, transparent technology versus a precise, controlled black box. As LDTI approaches, your choice of actuarial system is no open-and-shut case. See the best of both worlds in our paper