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Find out about the exciting new process management application, Process Orchestrator.

Process Orchestrator 2022 Q3

Process Orchestrator 2022 Q3 is here.


Process Orchestrator extends the automation capabilities provided within the Insurance Risk Suite with a new simplified processing engine that can complement or be used as an alternative to the Process Manager (formerly Prophet Control Centre).  This new licensable product is targeted at linear processes that are centred around Enterprise Manager jobs and the Data Repository.  In particular, Process Orchestrator directly supports the process found in the IFRS 17 toolkit.

Process Orchestrator can be integrated with other systems or workflow tools through REST services, so a process can be started via a web service call, and intermediate steps in the process can interact with external systems by using external integration steps.

This allows Process Orchestrator to be a stand-alone product for executing Insurance Risk Suite-based workflows, or embedded in a larger workflow driven by other workflow engines.

Product features include:

  • Process definition
    • Certain users can define processes as a series of Steps each comprising one or more Tasks based on Task Templates
  • Process Orchestrator contains Task Templates to:
    • Run a Data Conversion System script
    • Submit an Enterprise Manager Job
    • Create and submit an Assumptions Manager Job
    • Submit an Assumptions Manager Job Definition
    • Update an Assumptions Manager base set
    • Run SQL Connector
    • Run Data Repository
    • Transfer files
    • Record an Approval
    • Initiate another Process Orchestrator process
    • Wait for an external system
  • User Interface
    • Role based
    • Start a process
    • Record an approval
    • Monitor process progress and information
    • Cancel a process
    • Define a process
    • Manage roles and associate active directory groups

For more information, please visit the Process Orchestrator and Manager product page.

Process Orchestrator 2022 Q3

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